SLEEPING WITH THE FISHES: (An Exploration of the Kubler-Ross Model)

May 10-11 and 16-18, 2013, 8pm, $15

Sleeping with Fishes postcard


Cirque This’ new show, Sleeping With The Fishes, tells the story a lovelorn victim of circumstance as his journey to find the author of a message in a bottle is cut tragically short. Through an exploded view of his final moments sinking into the abyss, this jump-cut collection of clown acts, sketches, and pageantry is a twisted marriage of comedy, tragedy, visual art, and music that will demystify the sources of our eccentric behaviors and will have audiences laughing in the face of grief.

Featuring: Lauri Berritta, Andy Dickerson, Perry Garvin, Jason Leinwand and Ethan Leinwand

Triskelion Arts’ Zoo Theater, 118 North 11th Street, 3rd Floor, Brooklyn, NY 11249

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Buy Tickets Here



Carlton Ward and Bailey

January 17-20, 8pm

Triskelion Arts’ Aldous Theater

A smorgasbord of rare treats of the stage, including clowns, puppets, magic, masks, music, dance, (humanely treated) animals, flowarts and other such skills, and much more…

Thursday, January 17th: Claire DeLuxe, Tanya Solomon, Jack Somebody, Deenie Nast, Peter Daniel Straus, Carlton Ward and Bailey, Ishah Janssen-Faith, Harold Moeller, Carol Lee Sirugo, Cirque This, Smokin Billy Slater

Friday, January 18th: Peter Daniel Straus, Zero Boy, Tanya Solomon, Ground Grippers Dance Co, Jeff and Buttons, Ishah Janssen-Faith, Chris Rozzi, The Love Show, Cirque This, Smokin Billy Slater

Saturday, January 19th: Ryan Eggensperger, Zero Boy, Vangeline Theater, Carlton Ward and Bailey, Jack Somebody, Chris Rozzi, Summer Shapiro, Cirque This and Smokin Billy Slater

Sunday, January 20th: Ryan Eggensperger, Deenie Nast, Ground Grippers Dance, Jeff and Buttons, Harold Moeller, Carol Lee Sirugo, Summer Shapiro, Cirque This, and Smokin Billy Slater



Performed by Lauri Berritta, Andy Dickerson, Perry Garvin, Jason Leinwand and Ethan Leinwand

Performed in Triskelion Arts’ Zoo Theater as part of the Triskelion Arts Presents series May 11-19, 2012 and as part of The New York Clown Theatre Festival at The Brick Theater Sept 8, 2012

Interspersed with live music, animations, puppetry, and pageantry, Machinations follows 5 characters through a whirlwind of all-consuming ambition and crushing disappointments in an ongoing attempt to push the very boundaries of science itself! This warping of space, time, minds, and morals is a funny and dark look into the experiences of those tragically caught up in much more than merely the task at hand.

“Despite all of the monkey business, goofball antics, and clowning around, this novel addition to circus theater manages to slip a powerful message into its absurd machination…”  – Colin Mixson, The Brooklyn Paper

“a delightful show to watch as it unfolded before our eyes.” -Nina Levine, Clown, New York

“…this show wonderfully expresses the nefarious, childlike energy that underlies all of mankind’s great adventures…” – Eric John Meyer


Performed by Lauri Berritta, Andy Dickerson, Ryan Eggensperger and Perry Garvin

Desire, Vice, Humiliation and Breakfast.

Performed in Triskelion Arts’ Zoo Theater as part of the Triskelion Arts Presents series June 3-11, 2011


Cirque This hosts Triskelion Arts’ annual festival showcase which celebrates spectacle, skill, comedy and all other acts which hover on the fringes of circus.  For more info or to get involved check out Triskelion Arts’ website


2004: Elemental Town

2005: Cirkin for the Man

2006: Sleeping With Cirque This

2007: The Circus of Do’s and Don’ts

2008: Dining with Cirque This

2009: The Circus of Epic Disproportions

2010: Viva La Evolution

2011: The Muskellunge

2012: Machinations

Cirque This is the Proud host and curator of Triskelion Arts’ Cirque Off Festival of Circus Arts since 2007

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