“Andrew Dickerson’s lighting creates a singular atmosphere. In one moment, he takes us to a middle school dance complete with whirling disco lights, and in the next, we’re outside under a full moon.”

– Trina Mannino for The Dance Enthusiast re: Abby Bender and Cassie Tunick’s Totally Other

”  The lighting of Andy Dickerson … added to the delightful and pertinacious quirkiness…”

– Nicholas Birns for Tropes of Tenth Street, re: Company SoGoNo; Bird Suite

“…The lighting is another compelling part of the evening and really holds the piece together. Andrew Dickerson creates shafts, pools, rectangles of light using just the side light, sometimes high and sometimes low, adding drama and depth…”

-Deborah Wingert, for Eye on the Arts NY, re: Stefanie Nelson Dance Group; Prolegomena II
“…intelligent lighting…”
-David LaGaccia for Hyperallergic re: Vangeline Theater’s Spectral at Triskelion Arts

“Andrew Dickerson’s warm glowing lights subtly define the soloist’s environment.”

-Christine Jowers, for The Dance Enthusiast, re: Peter Kyle Dance, 100 Days